Philip Mcleod

The McLeod Report - London, Ontario

A regular commentary on civic affairs in London, Canada by journalist Philip McLeod.

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Philip McLeod - The McLeod Report - London, Ontario

About The McLeod Report

Welcome to my little piece of cyberspace. Both by nature and profession I’m a writer. But when, in the spring of 2009, I stepped down as the editor of the community newspaper I co-founded, I lost my principal outlet for expressing concerns and delights about my adopted city of London, Ontario, Canada. Hence this website, which began in September, 2009.

Since then The McLeod Report has slowly evolved into the only regular commentary on civic affairs in the Forest City. And we continue to add new features to expand the information available to Londoners about their government and how it works.

I have lived in London since 1987. As a journalist and as a resident, I worry about the direction in which London is drifting, I`m concerned about the relatively few choices Londoners are offered to change that direction, I care about the limited way in which Londoners are able to give voice to their frustration about that. So I write about local politics (and occasionally provincial and national affairs, too); about new ideas and alternatives; about community connections; about our disappearing media.

I have many friends and contacts, both in London and across this country, but the viewpoints raised here – as woefully inadequate as they often will be – are mine alone.

Your comments are always appreciated.



Philip McLeod is a communicator and community activist in London, Ontario, Canada. He is long-time Canadian journalist and editor, with lengthy stints at The London Free Press (editor-in-chief) and the Toronto Star. More recently he was the co-founder and editor of The Londoner, the community newspaper for London, until 2009 when he stepped down. He is also a film maker and occasional broadcaster.

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