Casual Watch VS Antique Watch–What to Choose?

You can own many types of watches – antique watches, luxury watches, pocket watches and different kinds of casual watches, it depends on what you want to go for. Who can afford change their watches with their mood and occasions. In all cases, it is just important to carry the feel good factor. You should wear something on you that you are comfortable with and not just copy what others are doing. If you like wearing casual watches, then these might just go with all occasions.

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Before you want to choose your kind of casual watch, it is important to check out what is it that you want to buy in your timepiece? Of course, as discussed, comfort is one of the factors that need to be looked at. Secondly what is your style statement? Do you prefer wearing those big round chronogram watches that look huge on the wrists or do you want to carry small petite slim looking watches on your thin wrist. Or are you a person who does not prefer wearing wrist watches at all and only want to go for pocket watches. It all depends on your definition of a casual watch or antique watch or luxury watch. In fact it is difficult to put down a common distinction line between a casual watch and antique watch since mostly it depends on the choice of the wearer himself.

Casual watches are not necessarily the sporty looking watches that you can wear everyday to the college. If you wear golden watches to the office everyday, that might be your definition of a casual watch. Or if you like carrying your round pocket watch all the time which might be an antique time piece as gifted to you by your grandparents, that too might be a casual watch for you. So it really depends on the choice of the wearer.

Another important factor that judges your selection of watches is your budget. By definition of a casual watch, people do prefer buying something cheaper than more expensive antique or luxury watches. Something that is rough and tough and can be used daily as a time keeper. This means these can be generally sporty looking watches or even those plain gold plated or silver plated watches that can be worn daily. These are also usually battery operated rather than automatic watches. And if you want to speak about the dials, casual watches would necessarily have simpler dials with numbers rather than roman numerical which you can find on antique watches.

Mostly the feminine audience are more interested in wearing antique or luxury watches more than just casual watches. They would like to actually keep a separate watch for every occasion. One to go with evening gowns, one to be worn on that special date, a few more to be worn regularly and then some more traditional ones. So finally it depends on your individuality and your budget to own the kind of watch that suits your style. Learn more about watches online here jam tangan fossil original